Somebody who can come up with endless lists of ideas, some good and some bad, but lacks the skills and/or motivation to execute any of them. Usually used by programmers.
Person: I have this great idea for a feature you could add to your software!
Developer: Could you open a pull request instead of being an idea guy?
by Gazehound September 27, 2022
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Someone who thinks that game development involves telling a bunch of coders, modelers and writers what to do as if they were a movie director. Usually shows up on various game-related forums and says they have an idea for a game or mod that they need help with. Most don't directly refer to themselves as an Ideas Guy.
Some Dude: Okay, I thought up this AWESOME idea for a game, and I'll need a modeler, mapper, programmer, writer and music composer to pull it off.

Some Other Dude: Lemme guess, you'll be the ideas guy?
by Dr Face Doctor March 11, 2011
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CEO of an organisation that finds pathways to brilliance to make you a fortune. Often hated and uncredited. Means well. Will make coupons from thin air. Believes in the character of the deployment of the idea to justify a beer at the end.
Ideas guy
by NotTroybutTroy November 19, 2020
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