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From Brazilian mythology: beautiful water queen; a mermaid. beautiful, elegant and wild.
Iara is a extraodinary girl in an ordinary world. can read people easily and have a great sence of humor. you will never get bored with Iara. she is loyal and a great friend, don't ever let go og Iara, she will leave an empty space in your heart, forever.
Don't fall inlove with Iara, she'll steal your heart!
by Zorroer21 September 07, 2010
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a hot, brunette, green-eyed, amazing smile, and great bodied girl. she's athletic and smart and should be a model because she's all around gorgeous. she has THE whole package.
Iara is not an example, she is a godess!
by kefho29e2 September 07, 2010
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A cute, beautiful girl with an adorable personality. She is a natural beauty and smells of lavender. She seems like the quiet type, but once you get to know her, her words can mean the world. Her quirky nature will make you feel warm. Her eyes are like candlelight. Falling in love with this dark skinned girl is easy.
"Iara I'm the last person you would think to be in love with you"
by Thebirdkeeper June 23, 2017
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