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Short version for "if you will", an overused saying that asks for your permission to say something different than expected. IYW is used primarily by corporate-type individuals and text-messagers to mock individuals who overuse the phrase if you will because the person speaking is illiterate and can't think of the correct way of saying it.
Hello from my pc, iyw.
I met with Harry Crack and Anita Bonghit yesterday. They are both relatively new to their roles, iyw, although most of us have had the opportunity at one time or another over the last few years to work with them on various projects, iyw.
by Pale Rider April 18, 2007
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Jim: Hey Cynthia!
Cynthia: Hey Jim! You DTF?
Jim: No, but I can get in the mood IYW!
Cynthia: Yes, I do want!

Boss: Jim, did you finish up that paper last night?
Jim: No Boss I was busy with Cynthia, but I can get it done today IYW.
Boss: Yes, I do want! Or you're fired -__-
by InnoKo December 30, 2012
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