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An IML acronym that stand for, "If You Repeat This I Will Deny" --- means you will openly deny you ever said or sent this if it becomes public. Very useful when telling a trusted friend the real story that lies underneath your cover-up of a mistake or petty mis-deed, or when sharing an opinion that would cause trouble if it became openly known that you felt that way. Also useful when laying out an underhanded plan.
"My cover story is that my new flat-screen HDTV is a gift from my Dad, but actually I bought it super-cheap at a secret cargo sale my weed seller told me about --- chances are 99% that it's stolen property. IYRTIWD!"

"I told John that I couldn't have dinner with him Friday night because I was going out of town to visit my parents, but the real story is that Raul and I plan to spend the entire weekend shacked up. On top of that, John is incredibly boring, but he'd be really hurt if he knew I thought so. IYRTIWD!"

"At the student government meeting I said I'd be delighted and honored to work with Jessica --- but actually I know she's a sleazebag and I don't have an ounce of respect for her, and the minute the election is over, I'll leak my intelligence info about how she got suspended for embezzlement when she was class treasurer in high school, and she'll have to step down immediately. I was just playing politics so I don't have to sling mud with her during the campaign. IYRTIWD!"
by ninja nella August 10, 2009
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