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IPop is basically the music produced from India, It includes Several Languages namely Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and others
Music in Modern India has influence from western music basically from pop culture and has given rise to Ipop, India Pop.
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by VPS006 February 09, 2017
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Something that is only popular because it is popular, not being superior to similar items in any way. Usually also ridiculously overpriced due to it being perceived as a "status symbol" by the mainstream.
The iPod is the prime example of this phenomenon and has therefore given rise to the term.

Kid 1: Yo dude check out my sweet new iPod it holds 4 billion songs, 5 years of video, cooks and does the dishes!

Kid 2: Pfff...thats ipop u should have saved your cash for some booze fool!
by Happy Chillmore January 01, 2006
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the new apple device featuring two electrodes one can attach to their "prime parts", that sends a current into the g, clit, or other 'hot spots', making one shudder like a saturn 5 rocket taking off.

never intended to replace the delicious human grinding, but more to neutralize DNA @ the door situations. the ability to achieve near human results, while not relying on another human in any way.

this device was created by engineers realizing that their devices were handling everything but human climax!
jimmy got a pick-up bar rebuff, so he went home and pulled out his iPOP!

as she applied the iPOP signal to her 'parts', she began to babble softly, and began shuddering; soon she exploded into the starry dynamo of night!!

geri's new iPOP was simply the MOST!
by michael foolsley December 09, 2011
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