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When two people feel they’re in love and one speaks many languages but the other can only mumble, what’s needed is an INcommunicaTO to allow the mumbler enough time to develop an ability to communicate and say what's felt in their heart. Sometimes people can feel love without communication, but a long-lasting relationship requires at least some ability to communicate before slurping-the-hot-sauce with abandon. Anything less isn’t love it’s just a temporary drool.
Bobbu – “Oh Jeffanie, I’m so hot for you…..I need it now, now, now……bendova……I really love you.”
Jeffanie – “qeribr qoih834 qei;o3qvg.”
Bobbu – “Oh, INcommunicaTO? Ok, I'll wait till you're ready. I do love you.”
by cowboi September 30, 2005
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