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IMVU swagger, ghetto, or gangster avatars. ALOT of bling, sparkles, silver, accesories. Mostly girl swaggas have BM or BMXXL clothes (makes your butt bigger). They HATE noobs.

Good Side:
When your ghetto, gangsta, or swagg girl or boy you usually get called sexy, hot, cute, nice body, or booty. You get a lot of compliments. You have alot of friends and your never alone. When your a swagga girl/boy you can find friends easy with other swaggas. swagg Girls are very compatible with swagg boys , swagg boys are very hot and cute. they have the BEST clothes and big butt ones which most guys like. They have alot of bling on them which makes you look rich.

Bad side:
Some people think they always hate on people who aren't swagg or gangsta. Sometimes they won't like emos, kawaii, scene, and most of all....NOOBS! If your a noob they will either not to talk to you if u say hi, OR, they'll say NOOB ALERT! or say ewww once you come into the chatroom. They're always up for fights with noobs or anyone outside of swagg or gangsta. They have very insulting come backs so beware. keep in mind not ALL swaggas or gangstas are like this.
IMVU gangsta/swagg room:

If a noob walks in to a swagg room:

Swagg#2= EWWW GTFO
Noob= Whats a noob???
Swagg#1= It's yo ass yhu fuckin noob!
by Mizz.BeautifulBabe April 22, 2011
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