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In My Own Humble Opinion. Type it after anything you say that may not be everyone's way of thinking.
Cam Newton is in no way the #1 quarterback in the draft IMOHO.
by bodazzle me baby April 27, 2011
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{from the word moho; to motorhome}. a passion for motorhome adventures with family and friends, anywhere, anytime, any season, as the spirit leads you, at your own pace.
Canada is the perfect place to imoho - it is a vast country that invites exploration! Where you can find that perfect spot to fall asleep or wake up with nature. Where you can travel and share experiences with family and friends. Where you can meet new friends along the way and create memories that will last a lifetime
by CanaDream January 24, 2011
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to experience Canada at your own pace with your family or friends by motorhome.
imoho with family and friends and experience Canada at my own pace.
by bgronberg January 06, 2012
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