A word used by idiots that get the "l" in "lmk" (let me know) confused with an "i".
Person 1: Hey, imk if you need help!

Person 2: What the fuck does "imk" mean? And why would you use it when we're talking to each other in real life?
by Steviegt6 January 15, 2020
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Imke means that their an amazing person and are so brilliant to hang out with and are beautiful and sexy. They are that amazing friend who always sticks by you and is a creative person. If you have an imke in you life tell them! They deserve to know!
Girl1: hey! Guess what?

Girl2: what?

Girl1: I think your my imke!
by Im_amazing November 16, 2014
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A special, cute girl with a great taste in music.
She's arty and has a unique style.
You probably have the nicest conversations with her because she's super sweet and hilarious. If you have an Imke in your life, never ever let her go.
Person 1: Woaaah who's that?
Person 2: That's my girlfriend Imke.
Person 1: Wow, you're so lucky!
Person 2: Ikr bro.
by nietMauro December 7, 2019
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In my knowlegde, is used if you are almost sure of things but not entirely sure.
Dude: This Logitech MX 1000 mouse is the best mouse out there on the market IMK.
Dude2: IMK there is another better mouse.
by deathilic May 2, 2005
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one tight cornhole licking chick that i will love for the rest of my life. but she likes to lick other girls you no what
by her love October 22, 2003
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The sexual act of finding a man taller than 6'5 so you feel dominated for once in your life, and when that doesn't work you buy a vibrator to get your pussy throbbing.
You didn't hear about Tayla? Yeah she had to pull a dirty imke last night
by When Dee October 1, 2020
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