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A left-handed alternative to WASD, the standard setup of keys used for movement mainly for (but not limited to) first-person shooters. Similarly, some may prefer the Numpad's 8456, the arrow keys, or perhaps OKL;.

Generally, IJKL provides access to Right SHIFT, but not access to CTRL, compared to how WASD does have access to CTRL, providing a small disadvantage if the player does not like to use the SHIFT key. Some players use / for the actions of WASD's CTRL, despite not being a perfect mirror.
Game: Press WASD to move.
Player: You mean IJKL. Sorry, I'm left-handed.
by SuperLuigi9624 August 19, 2016
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Acronym for "I just keep laughing" or "I just kept laughing". Similar to LOL or IJL or LQTM
I keep remembering that silly man I saw last night and ijkl
by sumpygump February 04, 2010
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