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he acts like a dad, its kind of sad because he doesn’t have a mom, everyone picks on him its hard for him to get along, he smokes the finest green from a bong, he likes sucking dick he just sounds so wrong, your momma your momma that’s all he says, he cant even get a bitch in his bed, he smells like shit sort like he is dead, he sucks a lot of cock and it goes all to his head, tats cover his arms because he cant even cope with life, smelly ass red neck get out of my sight, little ass man cant even fight, hes in bed by midnight, he gots a dog that named shaboodle, he likes to play with his little noodle, hes half cat and part poodle, on his free time he loves to doodle, I got my tubes tide call me a female, I shot blanks but no guy can tell, dry humb my ass, it might hurt but I wont take a hall pass, 5 fingers in my hole, fuck me hard fuck my sole, if u get crabs im not the one to blame, wants you fuck me you will not be the same, its cloudy outside but I will make it rain, call me the big daddy kain, my dick so small its such a shame, gears of war is the one to blame, where are our frags, im always host I never lag, im ishbangdidle and im a fag, modded controller it never jams, 250 dollars out of my hands, fuck these bitches I don’t need a clan, I don’t need anything else but my ham, 10 bullets in you and youll scream god damn, I fuck your mom hard, her pussy looks like pam, she calls me her number one fan,
by Xbox Live Police August 23, 2011
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