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A purple haired youtuber mostly know for her Minecraft and diys. She often plays Minecraft Garry's mod and her very popular series flash Friday where she plays flash games recommended by people in the comments. She has several different series along with that such as; piece of quake, a show in which she answers questions and does dares,the walking dead gaming footage, and a multiplayer server called Minecraft Diversity which she plays with Stacyplays. She also has a second channel call tiffy quake in which she shows her girly side. Her real name is Tiffany Garcia born March 19th 1988 she has only one sibling named Anthony and is married to Mario (red) Garcia who runs the channel alongside her.
Hey did you see iHascupquake's new video?
No I wasn't on my phone last night
by Defining_undefined November 11, 2014
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