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Acronym: Intentional Ghettoization Through Inferior Technology.

A social isolationist practice whereby private companies, public services and federal agencies regulate a region's quality of care and interaction with technology soley based on economic and racial factors. The ultimate goal being to decrease the region's quality of life, preventing them from succeeding in society, thereby breeding contempt and desparation, resulting in crime, which is then vilified by the media thereby creating a culturally incompetent downward spiral.
1.) Person 1: When I'm in Southeast DC, I get no cell phone coverage, but once I hit the red line to Rockville, my signal comes back.

Person 2: Man, that is some serious IGTIT!

2.) With all the poor of New Orleans suffering for months after hurricane Katrina, many attributed the restraponulous disaster response to IGTIT.
by Elvishfarmer June 30, 2006
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