When you perform in a particularly spectacular way that stuns everyone.
"James was so ICloud when he pulled off that triple McTwist flurry flip"
by Quasai January 5, 2021
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The taking of private photographs of yourself, having them automatically backed up to insecure locations by default and then having hackers take them and leak them without your consent.
"Jennifer Lawrence does the iCloud challenge, nominates Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick."
by Grae Hall September 2, 2014
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The most secure place for your backups. Legends say even FBI can't reach your end to end encrypted informations. But if you disable backup section, within 180 days your all backup will be deleted. Also in each devices you are limited to make two backups, each new backup deletes the oldest one which makes no fucking sense. But your photos, notes and other stuffs on iCloud website is not deleted. Apple does good job but deficit. You can purchase more GB for more places on iCloud, it's cheap don't worry.
Apple user: I saved my nudes on iCloud, they are safe.
by WeebLawStudent October 4, 2023
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