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7 Boyz from Englishtown, NJ who recently appeared on Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew and came in the top 2 against I.aM.mE. Crew members Jason Smith, Louis Dipippa, Vinny Castronovo, Nick Mara, Madison Alamia, Thomas Miceli, and Mikey Fusco all dance at ICON Dance Complex and Geo Huebla is their dance instructor.

The ICONic Boyz are an amazingly talented group of dancers! There are actually 15 ICONic Boyz but only those 7 appeared on America's Best Dance Crew
Those ICONic Boyz are so inspirational
by ICONiac23 November 08, 2011
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Formal way:Talented young boyz from New Jersey.
My way: Fucking HOT-ASS BOYZ that should never go away from our lives!
*At Friend's House*
Me:You like the ICONic Boyz?
Me:Get the fuck out of this house!
Friend:But this is my house!
Me:Idgaf! Stay out until you love the ICONic Boyz and mean it!
by Madison'sIconicgirl December 09, 2011
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The most AMAZZING inspirational Boyz in the world! There are 15 Boyz. And 7 of them went on the show Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew (Season 6: Season of the Superstars). They all originated from ICON Dance Complex in Englishtown, New Jersey. Their dance instructor is Geo Hubela. Also seen on the same show, but, Season 1.
The Boyz' names and some of their ages:
Vinny 14
Louis 11
Jason 11
Madison 13
Nick M. 13
Mikey 12
Thomas 11
Nick R.

These ICONic Boyz are amazing dancers!
by Mrs. John D'Onofrio October 19, 2011
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The hottest 15 boyz alive. From Jersey. 7 appeared on Season 6 of America's Best Dance Crew, winning 2nd place. AGAIN, THE HAWTEST 15 BOYZ IN THE WORLD. :D
See that boy over there? He's an ICONic Boy. Off of the ICONic Boyz. He is the legit DEFINITION of perfection.
by ICONiac4life August 19, 2011
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Jason (no bones), Louise (DaPitBull), Madison (MADboy), Mikey (spikey mikey), Nick (nicholicious), Thomas (t-money)& Vincent (vinny).
Dancers from ICON Dance Complex in Englishtown, New Jersey.
They have been dancing as a group for 2 years. Geo Hubela is there dance instructor.
They are recently performing on Randy Jackson Represents: America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 Season of the Superstars. on MTV
These boyz are an inspiration to all young dancerz that watch them every week on ABDC.
Very talented group of boyz!

Agez/Birthdayz: Louise- 10/June 3rd
Nick- 13/November 8th
Madison- 13/April 12th
Vinnie- 14/April 8th
Thomas- 11/April 15th
Jason- 11/November 30th
Mickey- 12/February 26th
if ur a fan of the ICONic Boyz ur an ICONiac/appart of the ICONiacz nation
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