An evil genius cat who lives In a Cave and has an Android (Humanoid Robot)

He uses his Andrew (Short for Android) as a cover to hide his plans to take over the world.
by JesusIsIlluminati March 9, 2017
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Toycat is yes
Ibxtoycat is yes
by kolarkol January 7, 2020
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A 25 year old Minecraft Youtuber somewhere outside of London. He plays on Minecraft Bedrock and has 1.5M subscribers. His irl name is Andrew Andrews and he frequently live streams to a large audience. He is known to most people for his Minecraft Realm experiments, Seed Sunday videos, and Minecraft Update news videos.
Commenter: How old are you turning today?
ibxtoycat: Today July 13th I turned 25
by EnderStarr22 July 13, 2020
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A Youtuber with a cat fursona plays and plays Minecraft, he also a discord
* XxDr trumpxX joined the server*
"is toycat realm yes?"
deshi- ?tag realms
Toycat currently isn't hosting any realm experiments. Make sure to follow Toycat's twitter `@ibxtoycat` as he usually announces them there.
vmb- hahaha dr trump dumb, now leave (-_-)
by vmbsnipezzz October 17, 2020
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