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1. A person who whips his hair back and forth in order to relieve from stress

2. A person who bs his/her way through his/her last to years of school


"They look like IB students!"
by ngriwi October 10, 2011
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IB students, generally, are sane people that take a 2-year program which makes them insane. They are found famous for nervous breakdowns. An IB students typical day is like this: wake up at 7.30 am, use the restroom, study while eating, study, go to school, come home, study, study while eating, study, and then, sleep at 1.30 next morning. IB is not hell. It is simply a course that makes you want to kill your friends in the urge to be the valedictorian. IB students are usually hated by most people. They are outcasts. They get a indescribable amount of homework. Moreover, they lack the inability to talk, communicate or to do any other social thing. They miss their youth.
IB TEACHER: Who can tell me why the Chinese Ming were far wealthier then their predecessors, Shang and Tang?

IB STUDENTS: Mmm.. There are a dozen different ways to answer that question. In Bentley and Zeiger's perspective its because of a tax system levied on people. In McNeil's perspective its because of canals that were developed through Huang He. But, in David Christians perspective, its because of the defense put on the northern frontier to protect the Chinese from the steppe nomads.
by IB_STUDENT_WHO_LIKES_IB January 21, 2013
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