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There is really too much to explain here, so i'm just going to try and cover the basics. I.S.H. Syndrome, also known as "ish" syndrome, is an illness that certain females acquire sometime after their teenage years begin. The acronym stands for "i'm so hott." This is how it works. There are girls that get so much attention from guys, that throughout their teenage years they have everything handed to them. There are always guys throwing themselves at them, raving over their looks, or trying to hit on them constantly. Because of this, they hardly ever have to work for anything and develop a stuck-up attitude about themselves. Eventually they just become completely full of themselves and expect the attention, as anything less would be a shock to their system. So they continue to walk around with this attitude, feeding off of attention like a frog in a room full of flies. What can you do to treat this syndrome? Not much. Just treat them like they're nothing special and maybe they'll at least get a little hint. This might help a little bit, but a total cure is highly unlikely. They're basically goners. All you can do for these individuals really is pray... just pray.
"Stacie is so hott, but she's got a severe case of I.S.H. Syndrome. I'd never want to date her."

"Did you check out that new hottie?" "Yeah, but I hear she's got a serious case of Ish Syndrome." "Awh, eff that man. Nobody wants to deal with that."
by Lukefrizzle December 07, 2011
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