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Abbreviation: LIYF
A virulent phrase meant to envoke sadness in the recipient and display pure contempt for the recipient. A term coined by Lewis Camacho (arguably the most charming and important non-intellectual of our time -beat that Chomsky-). He first used it as a defense mechanism against everything stupid and then just assaulted everyone that he encountered with it. As a result of the actual laughing it couldn't be fully understood hence It evolved into HAAAHAHA "YA FACE". See also YA FACE.
Proper Usage: Its been how many months and still no weapons of mass destruction? HAA! I Laugh in Ya Faace!
by STUFF\'N\'THINGS September 12, 2003
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A phrase coined by what may be the most devastatingly Puerto Rican individual on the planet (Beat that, Ricky Martin!), meant to convey contempt for the individual it is directed towards. This is usually caused by calling sudden attention to someone's face, which is something people put a lot of effort into and are extremely self-conscious about. This phrase was created by inadvertant intellectual Lewis Camacho, which goews to prove the theory that seven thousand monkeys typing on seven thousand keyboards for seven thousand years will eventually create the complete works of Shakespeare.
You actually paid MONEY for that Justin Timberlake CD? I LAUGH IN YA FACE!
by Weeeeeeezull September 15, 2003
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