1.) A term one uses to express that they feel absolutely awesome. Also used to pep people up.

2.) A song by Lonely Island
Person one: "Who's on a Boat?!"
Person two: "I'm on a Boat!!!"

Person one: "Hey, did you hear that song by Lonely Island, the one about the boat?"
Person two: "Oh yeah, I'm on a boat? That song is amazing."
by KarsGoZoom August 28, 2009
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to mean, on top of the world, in your element, well happy and satisfied.
hey man hows you doing wiv your new girl?
im on a boat,man everything sweet.

by brapbrapbrapgmaninit March 27, 2009
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Some refer to the common lyric as "imonaboat" or "immonaboat" instead of "I'm on a boat" in either text messages or other instant messaging services.

Comes from "imma".
(AIM Screen name 1) u no tht andy samberg song?

(AIM Screen name 2) wat... imonaboat?

(AIM Screen name 1) ya tht 1

Full translation:

(AIM Screen name 1) You know that Andy Samberg song?

(AIM Screen name 2) What, I'm on a boat?

(AIM Screen name 1) Yeah, that one.
by ferrgy April 04, 2010
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dude, i wish i was on a boat right now but i gotta get tested so i can work.

i'm on a boat right now and i can't stop eating!
by gotjackson June 26, 2009
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