The act of prematurely cancelling a social event or gathering at one's home in order to facilitate excessive "alone" time.

The phrase, "I'm gonna call it," is often used when no other seemingly legitimate excuse is available to the host. It is a method whereby the host can cancel the social activities in order to alot "alone" time for him/herself. These activities vary, but often include: Xbox, self-pleasuring, viewing pornography, and wasting time on the internet.
1.) "I'm gonna call it, guys." "But it's only ten o'clock on a Friday night." "I know, but I'm tired. I'm gonna call it."

2.) "I know it's only eight-thirty, but I'm gonna call it so I can get up early and clean my room tomorrow."
by Ajax the Cat February 22, 2010
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A phrase used by weak middle schoolers to try and intimidate people bigger than them. Usually followed by a fictional story about their dad's fighting feats.
Bully: I told you to stay away from here. Now hand over any money you got on you!
Victim: Back off or I'm gonna call my dad, loser. He killed 100 people in Afghanistan.
by Exterminator (not really) August 15, 2019
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