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The ultimate badass introduction. Say this upon meeting someone tough and they'll never mess with you.
Thug: What are you?!
Batman: I'm Batman
by Gary Trimarchi October 18, 2007
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A phrase so powerful that when used wisely, especially in court, will get you clean of any rape-and-brutal-murder charges for rest of your life.
Judge: "John J. Johnson, you were condemned to die by jury of your peers and sentenced by good-standing judge of this state. Do you have anything to say before you sentence is carried out?"

You: " I'm Batman."

Judge: "RAPE MY ASS AND CALL ME JUDY. Case dismissed!!"
by ICanSeeYouFap June 25, 2011
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This is probably the only sentence worth saying in life. You can use it to finish any sentence too, you know because I'm Batman...
Sheila: Going to the movies tonight?
Me: I'm Batman.

Jimbobalucazade: How are you today?
Me: I'm Batman

Asshole: You gay ass motherfucker, you can't do shit.
Me: I'm Batman
*Wins Argument*
by Qwsde April 23, 2013
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a gameing move mostly used in fps games where you sneek behind someone and right before you kill them with a melee move you say im batman
guy1: man i was playing halo last night and tod got behind me and im batmand me

guy2: that happend to me last week on cod
by THE RHOG November 09, 2010
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What men who suffer from microphallus say when exposing themselves for the first time to a sexual partner. In their minds, being batman somehow makes up for a one inch penis.
Joe exclaimed, "but imbatman" when his partner laughed hysterically at his tiny penis.
by Tony/fb/pha March 07, 2017
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