A phrase used to describe a general or specific discontent; a lack of physical or psychological comfort.
Person A: Damn, this is my last paper and a small stem poked through it. You got any?
Person B: Nah, sorry.
Person A: It's chill. We got these pipes and shit but still, I aint' got em' all.
Person B: Fuck it.

Person 1: Hey, how are you liking your Subaru WRX?
Person 2: It's cool but- 'I aint' got em' all'. My girlfriend's uncle died today and she's upset. She wouldn't give up the pussy and told me I was a prick for asking.
Person 1: Damn man. Well I can see why she thinks that.

Person X: It's definitely drab day after day. I'm always waiting for the start of something that brings the end. Life is a good, precious thing. But there are things that I miss, things that I used to feel and laugh at. 'I aint' got em' all', but I have what I have.

Person Y: For real.
by TRWoof June 2, 2018
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