I know who I am.
When one doesn't need any reassurance in knowing who they are. When one is confident with themselves and are sure of themselves.
Example 1
That guy thinks he knows me, only I know me.

Example 2
Insulting me will make you feel better about yourself, I understand that, but only I know me.
by confidenceconfident February 22, 2013
That god-awful 2007 movie with Lindsay Lohan. She played a stripper with one leg and one arm. And she had a twin that her dad stole from his mom's fetus.

The movie came out after she was charged for DUI and cocaine possession, making her a bigging laughingstock than she already was. Quite a feat.
"In the gory psychological thriller “I Know Who Killed Me,” Ms. Lohan plays a wealthy college student who writes fiction, excels at the piano and refuses to sleep with her boyfriend...(and also plays) a stripper with a crackhead mom. No prizes for guessing which performance is more believable."
--Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times
by dilary huff August 10, 2007
Best movie of 2007. Bad enough to be called genius. The plot is so contrived, the acting so poor, the script so inane, that it holds the prestigious honor of being the best movie of the year. And to top it all off, Lindsay Lohan is the star.
"I saw "I Know Who Killed Me" stoned out of my mind and it was incredible. Say what you want about Lindsay Lohan, but that bitch is fucking hot."
by Trossles December 24, 2007