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The old guy from Zelda II who lives in a gigantic house (which looks small from the outside) in Ruto.

He is totally useless (only one hint later) and keeps saying " I AM ERROR".

No one knows what this means or why he says that.
Maybe it's his name, Error.
"I AM ERROR" ~ Error in Zelda II
by Bari April 21, 2005
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Its actually due to poor translation that his name is ERROR, his real name is actually Errol which makes a little more sense but the piss-poor translations of the NES days turned that last L into an R, thus the enigmatic ERROR...
What the fuck does I AM ERROR mean?
by Dr. Awesome September 15, 2006
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I Am Error

A semi-popular phrase from the second Zelda game - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Typically useless, but has one small line besides his trademark that is actually a hint.

Was named as a joke, as there is another NPC in the game named Bagu that looks the same. Bagu was supposed to be "Bug."
I talked to the purple guy, but all he said was "I AM ERROR."
by Shadic March 14, 2009
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One of the best Nintendocore/Screamo band out there today (2010) notably because of the vast amounts of well blended sounds and vocals.

They are not so much of a 'band' though it is more like a musician. Peet is his name; the main dude who slices and kills people in your mommy and daddy's room while playing this beautiful wonder in their faces.

If only they acquired these kind of instrumentals to an older video game like Zelda and Mario 64? It would make me fall in love and rape the cartridge. :D

Peet is also of the 'bands' Monomate and Impatient/Outpatient. :)
"Holy shit you listen to iamerror? They make me want to dance naked! :D"
by Pink Flamingo Fish April 25, 2010
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