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A marathon someone can't attend for whatever reasons, but could hypothetically complete if available (whether said person could actually complete it or not). Often completed by the overly-confident, physically-incapable, or busy individuals in an attempt to "save face."

Usually starts off as a phrase like "I could run/win/demolish/own that race....but -insert vague excuse-"

Similar to the Armchair Quarterback in football.
John: "Hey man, you finally gonna make it to a marathon? Next one is this month."
Chris: "(eating a bowl of chips off his stomach) Yeah bro, I would kill that thing if i went, but life's... so busy right now."
John: "...looks like another hypothathon."

Lauren: "I'm so nervous about the 10k this Saturday."
Rachel: "Oh I could totally run it and get top five, but I've got that one thing with my family... and the other thi-"
Lauren: "hypothathon."
by MrThoughtworth June 04, 2013
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