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Pronounced: Hypo-d-Fuck

Hypo= Hyper
d= dumb

Hypodfuck: A dumbfuckness at cosmic scale

note: cosmic scale is greater than astronomic scale by scalar multiples of 10^3

Hypodfucks do not be long to the set of dumb nor to dumbfucks. In the set of dumb, you can linearly add the dumb people together and their stupidity will add up proportionally and linearly as well.

That is:

1 dumb person's stupidity + 2 dumb person's stupidity = 3 dumb person's stupidity

however, in Hypodfuck's set, the addition is not linear therefore, they require their own set:

1 hypodfuckism + 2 hypodfuckism = Cosmic scale catastrophe

e.g. If leaders of the world, all belong to set of Hypodfucks, the consequences of their actions will cause catastrophe and total annihilation of everything living on the surface of the planet earth and potential future organisms within this portion of the Milkyway Galaxy.

note: a super nova explosion belongs to the class of cosmic catastrophe
Sarah Palin is a hypodfuck

Rush Limbaugh is a hypodfuck

Tea Bagger party is a party of hypodfuck

Bush is an example of hypodfuck

Mahmood Ahmadinejad (Islamic Republic of Iran)'s president is an example of hypodfuck.
by meat head psychologist March 15, 2010
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