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A theory that suggests that you never know how gay the porn you watch is due to many flaws such as the original sex of the erotic models. The end result is no matter what is the sex of the participants, at least 25% of homosexuality is involved tied with the sex of the audience. By adding more girl, you're watching less guy, but the female half of the futa is having more gay sex, at the expense of a less entertaining experience. As a reference, gay can mean both you, a male, watching a man have sex, and the people of the act having sex with someone of the same gender. If two futas fuck then it's 25% girl on girl (100% gay), 25% guy on girl (50% gay), 25% guy on guy (100% gay), and another 25% guy on girl (50% gay). And if you take the average of that, then it is also 75% gay. The only known scientific flaw that can debunk this theory is the use of "no homo" during the action. The word "hyphy" derives from Kali Muscle's branded Team Hyphy. He is a god, that is all that must be said about him.
Tyler: Dude, how do I know what is the most less gayest porn I can watch?
Brad: You should look at the Hyphy Theory, it really does depend if you experience gayness while watching it.
by NightWalker21 August 09, 2018
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