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It's origins buried deep in an array of spectacular achievment, Hynam, was first used in East Africa 1300bc by a great tribal king to describe a man who single handedly brought wealth and prosperity to the tribe. He was labeled "Highman", a metaphor describing his physical closeness to the creators of earth. The tribe known as Murka performed regular rituals to "highman" and documented them in the book of heinaaam. Through the years any tribesman that achieved great strides for the better of the tribe was also awarded this title. Unfortunately during pennisulavaki, the great tribal war, the name was lost only to reappear many years later in an egyptian temple. Here it was also assigned to a person of greatness, a great female warrior who killed an evil king who was ruling at the time. Neckafti was labelled "heinam" after freeing the great people of Egypt and although could never rule was worshiped by many and labelled as a god. Hynam in its most recent form appeared in ancient Rome. A family of god like Warriors acheived this title by completing a series of tasks set by Jupiter himself. It is documented that the great gods performed a ritual in 'The Pantheon' that would instill greatness in any person born into the name "Hynam" from that day forwarth. To this day many high acheivers have been born with name "Hynam", although many now choose to keep this a secret in fear of others underevaluating their efforts......
"OMG, I thought that was impossible?! MUST be a Hynam!"

"Why do I have a sudden, uncontrollable need to touch this person?!....................Ah! It's a Hynam"
by A Hynam August 20, 2011
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