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Meaning: Positive criticism.

Brief Explanation: The combination of positive, beneficial, and criticism, meaning one with unfavourable opinions, is oxymoronic; how can someone thinking of you unfavourably be beneficial (of course it can but it is not obvious). Additionally criticism with its plosive 'c' start sounds overly corrosive to be used positively. By combinining hymns with criticism two effects are gained. The glottal 'h' is smoother and less aggressive. And hymns, being almost spiritual advice to become purer and closer to God, exemplifies the hope that positive criticism will improve you. Thus hymnicism is an efficient and representative word meaning positive criticism.
Teacher: That was a well-timed essay. However you need to work on articulation and delivery for next time.

Student: Thank you for the hymnicism.


Colleague: Hey, can you give me some positive criticism on my work ethic?

Colleague 2: Wait you mean hymnicism? Get your words right!
by ProtoNeologism May 29, 2017
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