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A woman who chases after the men that have come to town with the gas companies. You will find them anywhere the process of hydraulic fracturing is taking place. They bear a striking resemblance to the prostitutes that swarmed over California during the gold rush in the 1850s. They come to take advantage of the possibility of getting married to a prosperous hydrofracker or businessman. But end up becoming mistresses to high rolling engineers who can afford to keep them in the lifestyle they desire. Selling themselves to the highest bidder they are showered with gifts ranging from expensive cars to trips to foreign Countries. Being that these men are starved for female attention they often create camps where the woman and her pack of feral children can sustain themselves so that they are more accessible to needs of the man. Considering nothing more than their selfish need for material possessions they show complete disregard for self-dignity, abandoning their children to attend to the needs of whoever is providing the most of what they want. Often displaying characteristics of a sociopath they live in a make believe world filled with delusions of grandeur and narcissistic tendencies. They view themselves as superior based on their ability to achieve materialistic wealth by offering themselves as nothing more than sexual objects for a community of men who has very limited options when it comes to the company of the opposite sex.
whore prostitute hydraulic fracturing her only talent is being being a hydrofrackingwhore.
by informedaboutgasdrilling April 30, 2011
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