A suburb in the St George region of Southern Sydney. Hurstville is also home to a lot of multi-cultural residents. Also known for its' Westfields shopping centre.
"Yes, there is some great shopping at Hurstville"
"OmG bRo0o LyK LEtz gO DwN huRziiii DiiZ weKEnD!! RoFLL"
by ho792743 October 5, 2006
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A fictional destination where those who get stomped end up.
That guy will be living in hurstville for a while after that beating!
by RockBottom May 6, 2006
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A Hurstville lad is a bloke around 13-21 who hangs around Hurstville and hanging around with other lads so they can pull chicks. They can be identified by wearing a Gucci hat, Nike, Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger.
"Look at all those Hurstville lads walking around westfields, they think they are mad"
by Hurzi lad June 3, 2017
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