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German - translation "daughter of a whore" (in the sense of "son of a bitch" for a girl)

The female version of the German curseword "Hurensohn", which in itself is crippling the German language.

However, as a mockery of the poor grammar skills of people using the word "Hursensohn" excessively, the word stayed like this, instead of becoming the "correct" word "Hurentochter" for a female "son of a whore(/bitch)".
Mustafa: "Stefan you're a HURENSOHN !!!"

Stefan: "I always wanted to ask you my friend, if I am a HURENSOHN, then what would you call my sister?"

Mustafa: "She is a Hurens-... a Hurensoh...- she is a Hurensöhnin !!!"
by BigBadBastard April 01, 2009
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