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A public college in New York City which provides people a chance to pursue higher education in the Big Apple who would otherwise be unable -- or simply unwilling -- to pay 200k for a bachelors degree. Many of the school's professors are not only graduates of the country's finest doctoral programs (this is a nyc job market we're talking about, after all), but also teach the very same classes they offer at Hunter at schools like NYU and Columbia (On a side note, it is not uncommon to hear these professors venting to their working and middle-class students about the snobbery and grade-entitlement which runs rampant in these aforementioned universities.)

Because Hunter is a CUNY school, dorms aren't part of the typical vocabulary of most students. Fortunately, there are more interesting places to live, anyway; various neighborhoods in Brooklyn, a few in Queens and Uptown Manhattan (i.e., East Harlem) typically fit the bill.

Of course, NYC is full of snotty trustafarians and the average Hunter student knows this, and therefore knows her school's place in the social hierarchy of nyc colleges. The glamor life often assoicated with the Washington Square set typically eludes her, for better or worse. However, there is something to be said regarding the fact that Hunter's student body isn't famous for jumping off either one of its two roof decks.
Ex. 1) Like, Gossip Girl isn't, like, a blue print for living your twenties in nyc. ewww -- next you're, like, totally going to tell me you went to Hunter.

Ex. 2) What do you mean you pay your own tuition???

Well, I go to Hunter College (CUNY), so it's not too bad. Perhaps I'll splurge on grad. school.
by tjfeen August 09, 2009
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Continuation of New York City's failing public high schools. The people who say this school is equivalent to Columbia but fifty thousand dollars cheaper are just lying to themselves to feel better about going to a crappy school. CUNY schools had open admissions from 1969-1999 at all its senior colleges, so CUNY degrees for the most part are just trash.
CUNY Student: I goto Hunter College (CUNY), it's like Harvard and Columbia but very cheap, I only pay $3 to attend a year.
Person: You're not a genius, and CUNY schools are shit, stop comparing CUNY to Ivy Leagues
by fengshuimaster August 03, 2017
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