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A. A National Forensics League division. consisting of one performance that is 10 minutes long, or a play that has been cut down to 10 minutes. That piece must be funny, varying from "not really funny at all" to "L.M.F.A.O." levels of funny.

B. The only forensics event worth watching
A. I did excerpts from the play "Greater Tuna" for Humorous Interpretation, and that audience was dying of laughter!

B. Guy: I didn't make finals, what event should I watch
Girl: Humorous Interpretation, duh!
by Duct Tape Pants November 10, 2013
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Also known as HI, humorous interpretation is an event in the interpretation category of speech and debate. Speakers give a 10 minute speech switching characters, voices and spitting everywhere. Most drama happens in this event as judges do not understand how to judge it. Pops and transition noises between characters are essential. You will most likely see the classic haaaaaapt sound. This event is owned by the god of humorous interpretation Don Zolidis, who has written a number of scripts. If one does a Don Zolidis piece, they may have subjected themselves to teasing. Humorous interpretation or Humor is mostly done by lanky white boys and girls in the event is a rarity. These pasty long boys get far because they can get away with many sexual jokes that females can not. Out of all the events, humor is watched frequently.
If you’re looking to heal your broken soul, go watch some humorous interpretation videos.
by VINCENTVANCOUGH March 06, 2018
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