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An emotionally/mentally unstable (or less stable than normal) person due to life challenges, recent taxing events, or the actions/behaviours of another person. This person may feel at the point of just crawling into a corner, breaking down, and crying due to sentiments of inadequacy, feebleness, and utter worthlessness. In extreme cases, thoughts of suicide or other forms of violence might arise for the purpose to, simply put, "just end it."

And such a person is oft secluded, excessively sensitive, and/or too humble because the person might feel unworthy of any aid or love from anyone, including those who want to help and/or love. And while a soul cannot literally be broken, the person's ego may be conflicted to the point where a person no longer feels like the same person. The person may be going through the motions daily and may even have trouble enjoying favourite pastimes.

A person who self-describes as a "broken soul," or a shattered soul, can get better, but time away from what is causing the person anguish or psychiatric/psychological help is usually needed.
With the passing of both of their parents, Jack and Jill no longer found the will to go up the hill like always. Neighbours, at this point, thought they were broken souls, but any and all attempts to comfort them and take their minds off of their loss were rejected.
by DarkMario1000 on Youtube July 08, 2017
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