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Thee best camp you will ever go to. At this camp you can get close to god and spend time with your friends. Breakfast is at an early 7 and afterward is chapel. From then you go to Rec time. this is possibly the wildest time of the day. there are violent games! the teams compete in the games, make up cheers and make fools of themselves, all for the goal of having the most points by the end of the week to have the main prize: Bragging Right! After Rec time you go straight to lunch, but get there fast or you will have to wait in line! Have i mentioned the food there? it is amazing! you know why? because at Hume SD you stay on a College campus. after that you can do anything, it is free time! you can head to the beach on a shuttle, or maybe you want to stay on campus and go to the gym, or possibly play air soft, or take a painting class. But the best thing to do on campus has to be the Euro Bungee. it is a huge bungee machine your strapped into and you can do double back flips!Anyway, if you want to go anywhere else you can go to the skate park, rent a boogie board, take surfing lessons or go to Sea Port Village! after free time it's dinner, then chapel again. afterward, more free time and reflection time. Then it's off to bed and lights out at 11.
Hume SD is the best Christian Camp I have ever gone to.
by Kimalaya June 25, 2010
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