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A person from or residing in Humboldt County, CA and living the North Coast hippie lifestyle. Humboldtians are calm, nurturing people who are somewhat oblivious to the outside world and are all about supporting their local community. A Humboldtian is typically white, works on a local farm or buys veggies from the farmers market, and dresses like they shop in a thrift store of clothes from the 1990's. Humboldtian students are passionate about biology, natural resources, and art and value weirdness and uniqueness above all else. Humboldtians care so much about the environment that they get upset when the temperature is above 70 degrees because "it's not good for the area."
"She makes her own soap, raises goats, volunteers at the farm, and she never gets angry...she's a true Humboldtian."

"I met a cute Humboldtian at the barn dance - he's in a bluegrass band."

"Did you see all the Humboldtians playing bongo drums during the kinetic sculpture race?"
by N. Steezy May 04, 2013
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