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1.) noun
i.) An elite species of humanoids living on Earth, often termed as the "rare gems of society." They gain reputation from their extremely good looks, attractive features, curvy body. They are often distinguished by their exceptionally large head. Other than that, Huitings are hard to spot, and are only visible to a select few.
ii.) -nese
The language spoken by Huitings (Huitingnese) can be identified by the soft euphonious melodies which are often mistaken as a drunken mumble, jumble. To the foreign ear, it is common to misjudge Huitingnese as random mumblings.

2.) adjective
Used to describe a person, thing, place as exceptionally talented, shockingly lucky.
Used to describe a person, thing, place as rare, unique, fleeting, ethereal, and to an extent Godlike.
i.)Professor Smith told the class that when he was young, he saw a Huiting eating at KFC. The class cried with surprise.

ii.)Josh felt huitingful today so he bought $20 worth of lottery tickets. (obviously he did not win because he was NOT a Huiting)

*note, merely feeling huitingful does not guarantee you the luck a Huiting has.*
by oaihsffej March 21, 2010
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