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Originally a well known erotica poet from London in the 1700's, he struggled to release his work owing to his unbearable attitude not only towards women; whom he regulary beat, but also to any in his presence. He had very few friends, and those he did have were often paid for by his wealthy parents without him knowing.

The phrase nowadays is used to describe anyone who resides in the belief that they are Jahwe's gift to earth; when they are actually under many a false pretence.

Unfortunately he died in 1801; his name has been seldom used in modern day culture, with only 5 examples worldwide upwards of the date 1969. 3 of those 5 have a genetic disorder resulting in no hands or feet and the remaining 2 are described by the New York Times people without a genetic disorder - but who act as if they have a severe one.

Trivia: this name has been banned in all but 2 states in the USA; with claimants stating that it incited racial and sexual hatred; as well as anyone hearing this name going into a hibernation state for weeks.
Descended from the Greek God Rhea, he is a Titan of female fertility, motherhood, and generation. She is the sister and consort of Cronus, and the only mythological character in the history of the earth to display lesbionic trends. it is thought that it is HWW's discovery of this piece of knowledge that led him to write erotica.

His poety has been descibed 'underwhelming at best', 'really not that good' according the the 1784 print of 'The London Bugle'.
Look at that stranger, he has just talked too loudly and of innappropriate content - I bet his name is Hugo Wederburn Wiggington


HWW: 'Hey guys, im just going to tag along with you for a bit'
Others: 'Dont you have to be somewhere else'
Others: 'It doesnt even make sense if you laugh there Hugo, no one has made a joke.'
HWW: 'wtf do you know, im Hugo Wederburn Wiggington'
by Brenda Cross PhD March 01, 2012
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