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pronounced: HUG.EN.STREE

Similar to Niggatry but used to describe a mind boggling, irrevocable, and unexplainable series of events that was caused by the shear incompetence of an individual who is inexperience, misinformed, or under the influence. Typically used to describe someone who was born in an improvised neighborhood and/or a person of African American descent.
Person A: Hey did you here that Pete got Keith arrested in the whorehouse the other day? Apparently Pete stiff the prostitute after putting in her ass for 2 hours, some shit about whips, nipple clips, and to top of all off he stiffed the hoe and when they approached them about it Keith knocked out the madame that ran the whorehouse.

Person B: Why?

Person A: Apparently he didn't have enough money to pay and he was trying to get payback on his girl that cheated on him.

Person B: What type of Hugginstry is that?!
by Tony Slash August 24, 2017
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