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Huang Zhong (Hansheng)
Born 148 AD - Died 221 AD
73 Years
Place of Birth - Nanyang District

Huang Zhong started his career late in life at the end of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. He served Liu Biao and was charged with defending Chang Sha.

When Liu Biao fought with Cao Cao, he took up the post of Deputy General under Han Xuan. When Liu Bei invaded, he fought with Guan Yu. Neither could get the advantage on the first day. On the second day, Huang's horse fell, throwing him from it, Guan spared him and they both retired for the day. The next day Huang fought with Guan and then retreated and fired twice at Guan with his bow but did not fit an arrow, on the third shot, he fitted an arrow and it hit the base of the plume on Guan's helmet. Both warriors knew that Huang had repaid Guan's kindness for sparing him. Huang was about to be executed by the Prefect of the town but was rescued by Wei Yan and they both joined Liu Bei.

He later accompanied Liu Bei and was awarded various titles. In 219 AD, he defended the important mountain pass at Ding Jun, and killed the Wei commander Xiahou Yuan due to Fa Zheng's strategy.

Huang Zhong became one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu in the same year.

In 221 AD as Shu invaded Wu at Yi Ling, Huang Zhong was encircled by four enemy units and retreated to a hill. There he was shot at and wounded by arrows. He died of his wounds in the Shu camp.
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