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Gangsta way of saying "how about that?"

Shot to fame after youtube video went viral of a spoilt teen on Dr Phil who told the entire audience they were a bunch of hoes.
Girl: Cash me ousside. How bow dah!

Audience member: You are acting like the child of Lucifer. I'll catch you outside and smack you back into your 14th birthday!!
by Fjjsykncgjk February 2, 2017
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1.)A rhetorical question used to punctuate a proceeding statement. It is used to give the intended audience a pause for consideration so they can more deeply pontificate the information that was just disseminated to them.

2.) Often superseded by the phrase "cash me outside".
Not all trump supporters are racist, but all trump supporters are ok with racism. How bow dah?
by dubv796 February 12, 2017
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