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1.)A system of economic policy and governance in which you never provide any details on how you will improve the economy; you simply state that you will fix the economy. It is infered that by merely sating you will improve economy, the economy will imorove itself. 2.) Economuc policies that involve sorcery, wizadry, black magic, or traveling back in time, as methods used to control the economy.
When Jim Bob ran for mayor he would not outline any of his economuc policies, he only refuted the current economic policies, therefore he is running on the romenomics economic platform.
by dubv796 August 31, 2012

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1.)A rhetorical question used to punctuate a proceeding statement. It is used to give the intended audience a pause for consideration so they can more deeply pontificate the information that was just disseminated to them.

2.) Often superseded by the phrase "cash me outside".
Not all trump supporters are racist, but all trump supporters are ok with racism. How bow dah?
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by dubv796 February 12, 2017

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