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A romantic pairing between the characters Dr. Gregory House and Dr. James Wilson from the TV show House.

Currently the pairing is not canon on the show, but it has a large fandom following. Because the pairing is a slash pairing it often creates a lot of controversy during fan discussions; but writers and produceres of the show have admitted that they are aware of the large fan support of the pairing and have admitted to consciously putting subtext into the scripts. When asked in an interview, Hugh Laurie (the actor who plays the character of House) has said he would be "game" for a relationship between House and Wilson. So far Robert Sean Leonard (the actor who plays Wilson) has mostly evaded questions posed about the House/Wilson relationship. Still, the pairing is considered one of the three most popular pairings on the show (the other two being House/Cameron and House/Cuddy) and is considered a legitimate pairing by many fans.
"Last night's episode was full of House/Wilson subtext; I nearly choked on my soda when Wilson turned up on House's doorstep!"
by cirrocumulus January 02, 2007
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