Basically like an exclamation point, but drawn out for further emphasis on how extreme something is.
She dances the house down.

She's painted the house down.

She is fierce the house down.
by Vendrak January 21, 2012
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a different way to say "exclamation point", mostly used verbally rather than in writing. This is mostly used in drag culture, to say things like "You look fierce the house down." (You look fierce!)
That girl can dance the house down. (That girl can dance!)

You are a diva the house down. (You are a diva!)
by DemiArianna April 20, 2011
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A drawn out version of the exclamation point. Used to show excitement and/or excellence/approval. Coined by the Queens of RuPaul's Drag Race season three.
She is fierce the house down!

I am dressed the house down!
by ZombiGirl April 22, 2011
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adj.: A drawn-out, verbal expression of the exclamation point.

From RuPaul's Drag Race season 3.
She is fierce the house down.
by ibringyoufacts April 25, 2011
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A word used commonly but not exclusivley by the lgbt+ community meaning to

1. Look or dress very well
2. Do something that people deem as iconic similar and exchangeable with words like "slay" and "iconic" and "king/queen shit"
Omg youre literally an icon like boots the house down girlie <3
by Meowmix_6 April 7, 2022
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Browning the house down is a very complex plan that takes action at a large party. (Graduation, birthday, etc) First of all you must not shit starting at least 3 days before the party while eating food like Taco Bell and taco johns. Get about 5 people to do this. Now when the day of the party comes you and your five friends must disappear in the middle of the party to the bathroom. You didn't forget the laxatives did you?! Of course fucking not! That's the most important part! Now once all six of you have downed a good amount of laxatives it's time to clog that toilet! Stuff one roll of 4 ply toilet paper down that shitter maybe two if you're feeling crazy. Can you feel that? That's the laxatives kicking in! Now you and your buddies must take turns shitting in that clogged ass toilet. After that is over flush that fucker and run! Watch as the owner of the house freaks out as shit water comes seeping out under the door. Congrats you have officially browned the house down!
Person 1: Hey man did you hear about bills party next week?

Person 2: Hell yeah! You wanna brown the house down?

Person 1: Totally I'll text some people and tell them not to take a shit for a while.

Person 2: sweet I'll bring the laxatives!
by The jimmy rustler July 19, 2014
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