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A fat girl who wears sweatpants with the words "HOT STUFF" written across the back of the pants, prominently displayed over the ass. The T, the space between the words, the S, and the second T are sucked prominently into her bulbous, gaping ass-crack. The final result leaves nothing to the imagination and can almost never be avoided.

A Hotuff can also be generalized into any fat girl who wears sweatpants.

A Hotuff in the wild can normally be identified with a skinny female friend, also wearing sweatpants (albeit oversized). The Hotuff's long, dirty blond hair is usually pulled up and has one of several very bright colors of rubberized band around it, sometimes fading from overuse. Accessories include an oversized purse or oversized backpack, normally in one of several very bright colors and the newest cellphone on the market that looks cute.

The wild Hotuff is normally found at a Wal-Mart (or similar big-box stores), at a University or High School (in a classroom, library, or in the stands at a official function), and consistently on Facebook.
Kevin- "Man, when that Hotuff stood up in front of me after class, I about threw up. She about hit me in the head with that massive backpack she has too."
Kyle- "I know, right? Her skinny friend gave me the death stare cause I couldn't look away from the Hotuff's ass. It's like an accident: you can't look away even if you wanted to."
by thesohnly October 18, 2010
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