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A girl who goes out to the clubs to find guys to buy her drinks all night until she is way wasted. Then the lucky fellow has the thought in his head that he is going to "GET LUCKY" with her so he goes and calls a taxi to take them both back to his pad.
The girl is drunk but seems fine until he gets her in the cab. Then she starts acting all seductive and sexy with the guy, getting him all horny with her drunken antics. Irregardless of the presence of the driver in the car.
But about 10 minutes of road time and the, oh so HOT girl, the guy thought he was beding that night suddenly passes out and starts to drool on his silk club shirt. Then he looks like a fool and has to pony up an extra 10$ to the driver to help him drag the now un-hot girl to the house. Somtimes there is another annoying circumstance where the HOT DROOL-BUNNY barfs in the taxi and the guy gets the pleasure of paying extra to the now pissed driver for the clean up. Guy then has to take a cold shower and clean up the bitch.
Old taxi driver to new taxi driver:

"Yep, you gotta' learn how to spot a HOT DROOL-BUNNY."

"Hot Drool-Bunny! What are those?"

"Oh, I see em' all the time. It's where a guy liquers up a Hottie and they jump in your cruiser and start to get it on. Then the bitch passes out on him or throws up on him. Poor guy."

"Oh man! That's gross!"

"Yeah, get good at spotting em' and if you see one keep on driving. They are way more trouble than the cab fair is worth."
by armoroid 5000 July 28, 2009
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