This is an organization of dwinklets that live in the caves of deceit. There are 36 current members, all dwinklets. They never die or reproduce. There is an estimated 102 dwinklets on this earth and they all are making their way to the Hot Haus. They can walk, climb, and swim. This allows them to get over any type terrain but very slowly. Once they all arrive at the Hot Haus they will turn the heat up to 102 degrees in the cave and pour hot wax all over each others bodies. They do this for 3 days and 3 nights. Constant wax heating and pouring. There is no real meaning to do this but they just love the feeling of hot wax like no other.
Don't go in there, that's the Hot Haus and it's waxing time.
by Corey Wagner April 15, 2005
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