1.) Narrow cliffs that form closely together to create a funnel.

2.) In video games, used when trapping an opponent in a small, enclosed area restricting their movements whilst attacking them; adding to the frustration of said opponent.
The opposite being that you take refuge in the enclosed space with the entrance being too small for the opponent to enter, inhibiting further attacks.

3.) Can be used as an adjective when describing tremendous success of a single party over another in combat or other competition-based tasks.

4.) Also used to show general approval or amazment with a performance.
1.) " We Will Funnel The Persians Into The Hot Gates, There Their Numbers Will Count For Nothing "

2.) Person 1 " Oh Damn! Bowser Got The Special!"

Person 2 " To The Hot Gates! "

3.) " WOAH! That Guy Just Went Totally Hot Gates On Him "

4.) " I Liked That Movie, It Was Totally Hot Gates "
by aRoxas January 2, 2010
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the area on a man in which chode water resides-
"wtf the f is that smell??"
"Dude go wash out the hot gates!!"
by dbginyu April 27, 2010
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